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The word originates from the Middle English word travailen ("to toil"), which comes from the Old French word travailler ("travail"). A person who travels is called a traveler (U.S.) or traveller (UK). For more information visit Holiday Wizard. or aspire holidays page

Travel can be for recreational purposes, for tourism, to visit people, for business or for commuting, and may occur for numerous other reasons, such as to obtain health care, migration, fleeing war, etc.

Travel may occur by human-powered transport such as walking or bicycling, or with vehicles, such as airplanes, private transport, public transport, automobiles and trains.

Weymouth and Portland Olympic travel advice row

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The beautiful region of Provence/Côte d'Azur" Our successful hotel programme has now been expanded - hotels in some of the most beautiful areas of Provence. The hotels are located in an area stretching from St Rémy-de-Provence at the foot of the Alpilles hills close to the Camargue to the perfect villages of the Var département a short drive inland from the Côte d'Azur and along coast of the Côte Provençal and the Riviera to Menton and the Italian border.. The hotels range from two star through to four star category and cater for a range of different interests. What they all have in common is a friendly welcome, excellent service and cuisine of the highest standard. In addition all the featured hotels have private swimming pools.


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